Sustainable growth of your business – we want to support you in this way.

In order to keep up your business in electronics field, your business always requires strong partner’s support. Especially for PCB, it’s good enough worthy to emphasize PCB partner’s role for your customer support.

EDINS, we know well about PCB technology, quality, price & delivery to maintain your business in optimized & balanced. Your satisfaction through our service – our ultimate business aim.

Our professionalism which is stated as Time innovation, Flexibility and Responsibility covers,

Prototypes and small series with quick turn around (QTA)
HDI up to 60 layers with special purpose
Buried/Blind/Stack with micro via
Flexible PCB / Rigid-Flex PCB
Metal & Heavy Cu

You may go to ‘product’ and enjoy our specialties.
From a number of Asian PCB service providers, EDINS wants to be the gateway for all of your PCB demand.

Thank you very much.

N.K. Chung
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